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Explore the history of the school through the documents and objects that have been left behind...


The attacks on the Twin Towers on the 11th September 2001 saw the USA and Britain send troops over to Afghanistan to defeat al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Events moved quickly and by the end of 2001, the Taliban’s last stronghold was taken and their whole regime had disintegrated.

An international security assistance force (ISAF) was sent into the area to help the transition of Afghanistan into a new democratic nation. 1,700 British troops were in the country in 2002 as part of the ISAF forces. The British troops were moved to the province of Helmand in the south of the country in 2006. Their aim was to give stability and security to the region in response to a resurging Taliban. Over 3,000 troops called Camp Bastion home. This camp was specially built for the British forces and at its peak it was the size of Reading, with a perimeter of more than 20 miles.

From 2008, the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) grew and so new equipment was sent over to the troops. Casualties were initially high.

In 2010, NATO, who had taken control of the ISAF forces, announced a plan for removing troops from Afghanistan. This plan was agreed by the then president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, and the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. The final British troops left the country in 2014 and Camp Bastion was handed over to the control of Afghan forces. Some British military personnel are still active in Afghanistan, helping to train the military and police force there.

Casualties: 454 British personnel lost their lives.




Old Oakhamians who fought in Afghanistan

Niall Griffiths

Life at Oakham

Niall attended Oakham School between 1983 and 1988. He was a member of Chapmans and then School House. His achievements are listed below:

  • Rugby Junior Colts A XV: Winter 1982; Winter 1983.
  • Rugby under 14: Winter 1984.
  • Rugby Senior Colts A XV: Winter 1985.
  • Rugby under 16: Colours - Winter 1986.
  • Rugby 1st XV: awarded Club Colours - Winter 1986; awarded School Colours - Winter 1987.

Oakham School Rugby 1st XV, 1986 - Niall is standing on the far right.

Oakham School Rugby 1st XV, 1987 - Niall is sat second from the right.

  • Rugby Leicestershire under 18: awarded County Colours - Winter 1987.
  • Rugby England under 16: touring Italy - Winter/Spring 1985-86.
  • Rugby England under 18: Spring 1988.
  • Hockey Colts team: Spring 1985; Spring 1986.
  • Hockey 2nd XI: Spring 1987.
  • Hockey 1st XI: Captain – Spring 1988.

Oakham School Hockey 1st XI, 1988 - Niall is sat in the centre.

  • Cricket Colts team: Summer 1985.
  • Cricket 3rd XI: Summer 1986.
  • Cricket 2nd XI: Summer 1987.
  • Cricket 1st XI: Summer 1986; Summer 1987.

Oakham School Cricket 1st XI, 1986 - Niall is standing second from the right.

  • Rugby Sevens: Spring/Summer 1987.
  • Athletics Senior boys team: Spring/Summer 1987.


  • Anderson Prize: Summer 1986.
  • Art exhibition scholarship
  • Prefect: Winter 1986 - Summer 1987.
  • Decem: Winter 1987 – Summer 1988.


  • Chess: Summer 1986 - Summer 1987.

Oakham School Magazine Review

Summer/Autumn 1986 Batting Average: 5 innings, 0 times not out, 26 highest score, 52 runs, and an average of 10.4.

Spring/Summer 1986 Batting Average: 2 matches, 2 innings, 0 times not out, 2 highest score, 5 runs, and an average of 2.5.

Griffths Australia 195

Niall in action against Australia in 1985.


After Oakham

Niall was a Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force during the conflict in Afghanistan.


The RAF badge.

Michael Mason

Life at Oakham

Michael attended Oakham School between 1996 and 1998. He was a member of Johnsons House and then School House.

  • Interhouse Basketball: Captain of Johnsons Form 6 team - Winter 1996.
  • Basketball: Captain – Winter 1996 - Summer 1998.
  • Shooting VIII: Winter 1996.


After Oakham

Michael went to Leeds University to study Engineering. He was a Pilot Officer in the Royal Air Force during the Afghanistan conflict.


The Royal Air Force badge.

Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Life at Oakham

Mark attended Oakham School between 1987 and 1991. He was a member of Sargants and Johnsons House.

  • Cross-country (junior): 48th place – Spring 1990.
  • Shooting team: Summer 1991.


After Oakham

Mark went to Coventry University to study International Relations and Politics. He served in the Territorial Army and in 203 Squadron, 158 Regiment, Royal Anglian Logistics Corps working with the Commando Logistics Regiments of the Royal Marines. He served in Afghanistan.

Royal Anglian

Badge of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

Louisa Turney


Life at Oakham

Louisa attended Oakham School between 1991 and 1996. She was a boarder in Rushebrookes and then Round House.

  • Art exhibition scholarship
  • Hockey under 14: as centre-half – Winter 1991.

Oakham School Hockey under 14 XI, 1991 - Louisa is seated on the far left.

  • Hockey under 15: Captain – Winter 1992.

Oakham School Hockey under 15 XI, 1992 - Louisa is seated in the centre.

  • Hockey under 16: Winter 1994.
  • Hockey 1st XI: Winter 1994; Captain – Winter 1995; awarded Honours Cap – Winter 1995.

Oakham School Hockey 1st XI, 1995 - Louisa is seated in the centre.

  • Boys’ Hockey 1st XI: as wing-back - Spring 1996.
  • County Hockey for Leicestershire: Winter 1992; Captain of Leicestershire Under 16 – Winter 1994.
  • County Hockey for the Midlands: Under 18 County team – Winter 1994; Under 21 – Winter 1995.
  • England Hockey: Under 16 National team – Spring 1994; Under 18 – Winter 1995.
  • Netball under 14: Spring 1992.

Oakham School Netball under 14 VII, 1992 - Louisa is seated second from the right.

  • Netball under 15: Captain – Spring 1993.

Oakham School Netball under 15 VII, 1993 - Louisa is seated in the centre.

  • Netball 1st VII: awarded Club Colours – Spring 1995.

Oakham School Netball 1st VII, 1995 - Louisa is seated on the far right.

  • Tennis under 14: Summer 1992.
  • Tennis 1st VI: Summer 1993; Summer 1995; Summer 1996.

Oakham School Tennis 1st VI, 1993 - Louisa is standing second from the left.

Oakham School Tennis 1st VI, 1995 - Louisa is seated on the far right.

Oakham School Tennis 1st VI, 1996 - Louisa is standing second from the left.

  • Tennis 2nd VI: Summer 1994.

Turney Tennis

Louisa playing tennis.

  • 200m (intermediate): personal best and school record (27.1 secs) – Summer 1992; school record (26.52 secs) – Summer 1993.
  • Athletics: entered the County Trials and represented the Midlands for 200m - Summer 1992.
  • Best Sportswoman in Rushebrookes Prize: Summer 1995.

Turney Hocley

Louisa in action during hockey matches.

Oakham School Magazine Reviews

Oakhamian Magazine Winter 1991: “her tireless running enabled her to cover in defence but within moments provided extra power in attack”.

Oakhamian Magazine Winter 1992: “her fitness and speed, her skill, her tactical awareness and her commitment have often lifted the team”.

Turney front cover

Louisa made it onto the front page of the Oakhamian Magazine in 1996.

After Oakham

Louisa went to Birmingham University to study Medicine. She was in the Royal Army Medical Corps attached to the 1st Battalion the Grenadier Guards and served in Afghanistan.

The Royal Army Medical Corps badge.