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Oakham School Archives

Explore the history of the school through the documents and objects that have been left behind...


On the 2nd August 1990, Iraqi forces, led by Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait. This provoked a response from the UN, demanding that Iraq withdraw and placing a trade embargo on the country. There was a underlying worry that Iraq would go on to invade Saudi Arabia. 

President George H. W. Bush sent in 230,000 American troops to protect the Saudi’s and nearly 53,457 British troops were sent over to the Middle East as part of a coalition with the Americans. A deadline of the 15th January 1991 was laid down for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait. This was ignored by Hussein and so began the UN air assault on Iraqi military targets. By the end of February 1991, the UN forces had liberated Kuwait. Iraq agreed with the resolutions laid out by the UN on the 3rd March 1991 and peace was declared on the 6th April.

During the conflict, 47 British soldiers lost their lives. Over 3,000 civilians were also killed during UN air strikes. The legacy of the war was conflicted with many believing that the army should have stayed in until Hussein was thrown from power. However this was not the purpose that the UN had outlined at the beginning of the conflict.

Hussein remained in power and Iraq was subject to sanctions which crippled it economically.

Gulf War



Old Oakhamians who fought in the First Gulf War

Christopher H. Lawrence MBE

Life at Oakham

Christopher attended Oakham School between 1962 and 1968. He was a member of Sargants and Wharflands.

  • Junior Music Prize: Summer 1963.
  • Intermediate Music Prize: Summer 1964.
  • Prefect: Winter 1967 - Summer 1968.


  • Rugby Junior Colts XV: awarded Colours – Winter 1963.
  • Rugby Senior Colts XV: Winter 1964; awarded Colours - Winter 1965.
  • Rugby 1st XV: Winter 1965; full-back and centre – Winter 1966; awarded Colours – Winter 1966; awarded Honours Cap – Winter 1967.

Oakham School Rugby 1st XV, 1966 - Christopher is standing in the back row, second from the right.

Oakham School Rugby 1st XV, 1967 - Christopher is sat in the centre.

  • Rugby Interhouse: played in Wharflands team – Spring 1966; Spring 1967; Spring 1968.
  • Swimming 11/2 lengths freestyle (senior): 4th place – Winter 1964; 2nd place – Winter 1966.
  • Swimming 3 lengths freestyle (senior): 1st place (61.4 secs) – Winter 1966.
  • Athletics Junior team: Winter 1964; awarded Colours – Summer 1965.
  • Athletics Intermediate team: Summer 1966; re-awarded Intermediate Club Colours – Summer 1966; best performance away Hurdles (15.0 secs) – Summer 1966.

Oakham School Intermediate Athletics team 1966 - Christopher is sat on the far right.

  • Athletics Senior team: awarded Senior Club Colours – Summer 1967; best away performance 120 yards hurdles (15.6 secs) – Summer 1967; awarded School Colours – Summer 1968.

Oakham School Athletics' Club, 1968 - Christopher is standing in the second row, third from the left.

  • Hurdles (junior): 2nd place – Summer 1964.
  • Hurdles (intermediate): 2nd place – Summer 1965; 2nd place (15.1 secs) – Summer 1966.
  • 120 yards Hurdles (senior): 2nd place – Summer 1967; 2nd place – Summer 1968.
  • 220 yards (intermediate): 2nd place (25.5 secs) – Summer 1966.
  • 220 yards (senior): 3rd place – Summer 1967.
  • Triple jump (intermediate): 3rd place (37ft 8 in) – Summer 1966.
  • 100 yards (senior): 3rd place – Summer 1968.
  • County Athletics: selected to represent Rutland at the All England Championship – Summer 1966; Summer 1967; Summer 1968.
  • Hockey under 15 XI: Spring 1965.
  • Hockey 1st XI: Spring 1967; Spring 1968.

Oakham School Hockey 1st XI, 1967 - Christopher is standing second from the left.

Oakham School Hockey 1st XI, 1968 - Christopher is sat second from the left.


  • Fives: Spring 1967.

Oakham School Fives team, 1967 - Christopher is sat on the far left.

  • Music: winner of the Woodwind Intermediate competition – Spring 1964.

Oakham School Magazine Review

Rugby review Winter 1966: “he moves the ball nicely, times his break well, and is very sound in defence”.

Rugby review Winter 1967: “at fly-half, is a complete footballer with a superb sense of timing in all that he does. He is equally sound in attack and defence and plays with the maturity of an experienced club player. The half-back partnership of Lawrence and Heard must surely rank as one of the best the School has produced for many years”.

Hockey review Spring 1967: “although he has improved in technique and anticipation, he is not prepared to put his head down and go through when near to goal, of which he has the ability but lacks the confidence.”


After Oakham

Christopher trained at RAF Cranwell. He was a Squadron Leader serving in the First Gulf War.

Michael C. A. Norman

Norman Drama

Life at Oakham

Michael attended Oakham School between 1975 and 1980. He was a member of Wharflands and School House.

  • Rugby Junior Colts B XV: Winter 1975.
  • Rugby Colts B XV: Winter 1976.
  • Rugby under 16 XV: Winter 1977.
  • Rugby 1st XV: awarded Club Colours - Winter 1979.

Oakham School Rugby 1st Xv, 1979 - Michael is sat third from the right.

  • Editor of the Oakhamian Magazine: Spring1978 – Summer 1980.
  • C.C.F.: promoted to L/Sergeant - Spring/Summer 1978; attended U.K.L.F. cadet leadership course – Spring/Summer 1979.
  • Drama: played Milcuzki in "They Don’t Grow on Trees" – Summer 1979.
  • Football 2nd XI: Spring 1979; Spring 1980.
  • Athletics Boys Senior team: Summer 1980.


After Oakham

Michael studied Accounting at Manchester Polytechnic. He became a chartered accountant in Israel.

He was a Corporal, and later a Staff Sergeant in the Israel Defence Force.

Israeli Defence

Badge of the Israel Defence Force.

Michael also worked in the Home Front Command Civil Warning Unit.

He served in the Second Gulf War.

David John Kenneth Webb

Webb New Zealand

David on the New Zealand tour, 1986.

Life at Oakham

David attended Oakham School between 1980 and 1986. He was a member of Peterborough House and Wharflands. His achievments are listed below:

  • Rugby Jerwoods 2nd XV: Winter 1980.
  • Rugby Jerwoods 1st XV: awarded Colours - Winter 1981.
  • Rugby Junior Colts A XV: Winter 1982; awarded Colours - Winter 1983.
  • Rugby Senior Colts XV: awarded Colours - Winter 1984.
  • Rugby 1st XV: awarded Club and School Colours - Winter 1985; part of the tour to New Zealand - Summer 1986.

Oakham School Rugby 1st XV, 1985 - David is sat on the far right.

  • Rugby England under 19: Winter 1986.


 David in action with the 1st XV.                                                                  

  • Squash under 12: Spring 1981.
  • Squash under 14: British Champions - Spring 1982.
  • Squash under 13: Spring 1983.
  • Squash Colts V: Spring 1984; Spring 1985.

Oakham School Squash Colts VI, 1984 - David is standing in the centre.

Oakham School Squash Colts VI, 1985 - David is standing second from the right.

  • Squash 1st V: Spring 1986.

Oakham School Squash 1st VI, 1986 - David is standing in the centre.

  • Cricket Jerwoods Colt: Summer 1981.
  • Cricket Jerwoods 1st XI: Summer 1982; Summer 1983.
  • Cricket under 15 XI: Summer 1984.
  • Cricket Senior Colts XI: Summer 1985.
  • Cricket 1st XI: Summer 1985; Summer 1986.

Oakham School Cricket 1st XI, 1985 - David is standing second from the right.

Oakham School Cricket 1st XI, 1985 - David is sat second from the right.

  • Cricket under 19: caps - Summer 1986.


David playing with the 1st XI.


  • Hockey Junior Colts XI: Winter/Spring 1982/83.
  • Hockey Senior Colts XI: awarded Colours - Spring 1985.
  • Hockey 2nd XI: Spring 1986.
  • Hockey 1st XI: Spring 1986.

Oakham School Hockey 1st XI, 1986 - David is sat on the far left.

  • Rugby Sevens: Spring 1984; Spring 1986.


  • Drama: Sound engineer for "Super Toad and the Incredible Vanishing" – Winter 1985.


  • Prefect: Winter 1984 - Summer 1985.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award: achieved Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards.

Oakham School Magazine Reviews

Summer/Winter 1983 Batting average: 9 innings, 3 times not out, 70+ high score, 303 runs, and an average of 50.50.

1984 Batting average: 13 innings, 2 times not out, 121 high score, 430 runs, and an average of 39.09.

Spring/Summer 1985 Batting average: 15 innings, 2 times not out, 73 high score, 404 runs, and an average of 31.08.

Summer/Autumn 1986 Batting average: 16 innings, 1 times not out, 109 high score, 525 runs, and an average of 35.

Summer/Autumn 1986 bowling average: 9 catches and 10 stumpings.

In 1986, Webb scored the fifth century of the season; became the 22nd player to score over 500 runs in a season; his partnership with England was the forth most successful in school history; and his 19 dismissals was the third best wicket keeping return.


After Oakham

David trained at RMA Sandhurst. David was a Lieutenant and later a Captain in the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussar. He served in the First Gulf War.

Queens Royal Irish

The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussar badge.