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Extended Essay (IB): Who can help?

To guide IB students through the Extended Essay process. New format for September 2020.

Who can help?

While your Extended Essay is supposed to be an independent piece of work, and you are expected to motivate and organise yourself, there are also plenty of people available to help you. Be proactive - if you are stuck, ask someone for help!

Your key contacts are:

Your supervisor

Your supervisor is an expert in your subject and can help you with questions relating to your topic, your line of inquiry and the subject specific guidance for EEs in your subject. Your supervisor wil often be the first person you turn to for help.

You should be in regular contact with your supervisor throughout the process, and must have three compulsory reflection sessions with them. However, your supervisor is only allowed to spend 3-5 hours meeting with you during the entire process, so you may also need to contact other people for support with skills such as finding and using resources and citing and referencing.

Mrs Breag

Mrs Breag (LRB) is the Head of Library and Archives. She is an expert in inquiry and can help you with questions relating to the inquiry process, finding, acquiring and using resources, and citing and referencing.

You are always welcome to contact her by email (or in person when she is in the Library). If you are in the Library and need help when she is not around, all of the Librarians are inquiry experts, and any of the Library staff would be happy to help you.

Mr Foster

Mr Foster (CJF) is the Head of Student Research and is also an expert in inquiry.

You can contact him by email, or find him in the Chemistry Department.

Mrs Fear

Mrs Fear (CAF) is the IB DP Co-ordinator. She is an expert in the IB Diploma and can help you with questions relating to regulations, timetables, deadlines and using ManageBac.

Normal term-time Library opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 08:30-21:15
Sat: 08:00-16:00
Sun: 14:00-18:00