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Extended Essay (IB): Home

To guide IB students through the Extended Essay process.


IB Diploma Programme model


You are on the exciting adventure that is the IB Extended Essay.

This guide is your roadmap and guidebook.

It is not intended to be read all in one go, but to be unfolded gradually as you travel. The Contents list below will help you to decide where you should be in your journey.

You are currently at the stage of choosing what subject and topic you would like to investigate and write about.

For this you will need the subject-specific guidance.


Page(s) WHEN do I need this? WHY do I need this?
Home Throughout To access important information such as the EE Timetable, to find out who can help you and to navigate the guide
The Inquiry Process Right at the start To understand the inquiry process better - you might also want to refer to this page throughout the EE. All the colours used in this guide are based on the FOSIL Cycle, and this tab will explain how they can help you to locate yourself in the inquiry process
Choosing a subject and topic November-January To choose a subject and topic that fit with the EE guidelines
Developing a line of inquiry January-March To turn your idea for a topic into a Research Question
Finding and selecting sources December-June To find and use information from a wide variety of suitable sources for your essay. This page includes advice about collecting your own data
Working with ideas February-June To work with all the ideas you have found to generate your own original ideas
Expressing your ideas June-September To turn those ideas into an essay that meets all the IB guidelines on academic honesty, citing and referencing and presentation
Reflecting Throughout To set up your Researcher's Reflection Space and use it to support you throughout the EE process - and to fill in the three compulsory Reflections for the Reflection on Planning and Progress Form
Seminars and workshops Throughout To access materials from the three EE Seminars and two IT Workshops that support you at key stages in the process
Supervisor resources This page is for supervisors...obviously!
Who can help? Throughout To find out who to ask for help when you need it

EE Timeline

This timeline summarises all the deadlines that everyone is expected to meet, and events designed to support the whole cohort. You will also need to set yourself personal deadlines for completing particular elements of your inquiry, and arrange support and reflection meetings with your supervisor - it would be a good idea to save a copy of this document and add to it to create your own personal timeline.

2022-2023 Timeline coming soon

EE guide

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