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Extended Essay (IB): EE Seminar 1

To guide IB students through the Extended Essay process. New format for September 2020.

EE Seminar 1 19th November 2021

IT workshop 1 pre-questionnaire

Please fill in the Form during EE seminar 1.

What now?

Your next tasks are:

EE Handbook

This is a PDF version of the Handbook you were given at EE Seminar 1. PLEASE DO NOT PRINT IT ALL OUT. If you need a replacement paper copy, please contact Mrs Fear (CAF).

Using the Subject Specific Guidelines

This table will help you work with the Subject-Specific Guidelines as you choose your topic. You are not required to submit this form to your supervisor, but you might find it helpful when filling in your Supervisor Application Form and Research Proposal.

Supervisor Application Form

Deadline for submission to Managebac:

Friday 3rd December 2021 (10pm)

Make sure you have read the relevant subject-specific guidance before submitting your form.

Annotated bibliography

This resource will help you to keep track of all the different sources you find. Once you start working with each source in more detail, you will also need a tool like the Investigative Journal to organise your notes.

Research Proposal Form

Deadline for submission to ManageBac:

Tuesday 18th January 2022 (10pm)

Make sure you have done some background reading around your topic, read any relevant ethical guidelines and reread the subject-specific guidance before submitting your form.

Now make an appointment with your supervisor for Spring Week 4 to discuss your proposal.

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