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Pressure Groups (Politics A Level): The Orwell Youth Prize (OYP)

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Your task is to write a journalistic article for the Orwell Youth Prize from the perspective of pressure group reform. Your teacher will assign you a pressure group from one of these categories: Trade Unions, Think Tanks, Cyberactivists or Lobbyists and Corporations. You need to investigate that individual group within the broader context of the group category and then write an article, containing a case study of that group, on the theme of Coming up for air: writing the climate crisis.

Task details

Planning and writing your article

You must use the Investigative Journal to gather your information, and the Research Organiser to plan your article (see Planning your article box, to the right). Your article must include information about the:

  • Goals
  • Funding
  • Organisation and tactics
  • Size

of your group, plus comments on the overall success of the group (including how democratic it is, whether it has insider status and whether it has public support).

You will then need to look for examples of where this group in particular, or other groups of this type, have had positive or negative influences on society. Are groups like this part of the future you want? Do you think they need to change in any way?

To save you time we have provided you with articles to read so that you do not need to spend time searching for them. You are expected to use these and should find everything you need in them (although if you also wish to use other sources as well, you may). You can find the articles for your group here:

It might help you to read the Orwell Youth Prize Guide to Style and the Orwell Youth Prize Guide to Form page 4 before you begin writing your article. Note that although the prize itself allows many different creative products, for this inquiry you must write a journalistic article because we are also trying to prepare you for the Pressure Groups topic in your A-Level exam. Note too, that all the sources you use for your article must be clearly cited and referenced.

Reviewing others' work

Once the articles have been submitted, you will have the opportunity to read others' articles and choose one article from each of the other group types to make notes on. You will also have the opportunity to decide which of these articles you would award the prize to! (See Using other's articles, box to the right).

Writing an exam-style essay

When the inquiry is finished, you may be asked to use what you have learnt to write an exam-style essay. Make sure you back up all your arguments with relevant examples from your inquiry. (See Essay Planner, box to the right)

What do I need to submit?

When your investigation is complete you should upload the following to your class Team:

Teams logo


Your completed Investigative Journal and Research Organiser


Teams logo


Your completed article


After the articles have been submitted, you will have an opportunity to read, make notes on and comment on others' articles. After this you should upload the following to your class Team:

Teams logo


Your completed Article summary and Peer review


The deadline for The Orwell Youth Prize has unfortunately now passed, but keep an eye out for next year's topic in the Winter Term.

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