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Pressure Groups (Politics A Level): Introduction

How successful are pressure groups?

What is success?

Read the two articles, then download the worksheet and fill in page 1 to summarise what it means for a pressure group to be successful, and what the key factors are that affect the success of the group (success criteria).



Fairclough, P. (2013, September). Pressure Groups: What makes them successful? Politics Review, 2-5.



Cooper, T. (2016, February). Why do UK pressure groups fail? Politics Review, 6-7.

In the first part of the topic you will be investigating one named pressure group and preparing to debate the motion

"This House believes that ..... is a successful pressure group".

Your teacher will tell you which group you will be investigating. Use page 2 of the document above to make a mind map to summarize what you already know and what you want to find out.

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