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Special Collection: Welcome

Statement of Purpose

The Special Collection seeks to be a repository of books of special importance to Oakham School and its educational aims in various contexts, and also to Old Oakhamians, for which a place on the open shelves is not appropriate. The Special Collection of books is located in the stacks on the ground floor of The Smallbone Library.

To see what books are in the Special Collection, visit our catalogue.

Current Collection

The Special Collection is currently made up as follows:

  1. antiquarian books of special importance in the history of the book or the history of knowledge, which a sixth form teacher (particularly) might wish to use as a source of inspiration to his/her students;
  2. antiquarian books relating to local history (currently on loan to The Rutland Museum);
  3. association copies of particular merit or interest acquired by presentation or recent acquisition;
  4. finely bound books, in good condition, presented to the School or given as prizes to past Oakhamians;
  5. books by Old Oakhamians;
  6. a collection of books of particular relevance to Thomas Merton, and hence of particular interest to The Thomas Merton Society;
  7. the Roger Anderson military history research collection.

Featured Collection

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