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F1 English - Futuristic Writing: Home

Resources to use during the F1 Futuristic Writing Inquiry

2023 Update

The 2023 Futuristic Writing Inquiry will not make use of these resources electronically, nor use the workbook - preferring to work with print sources and individual worksheets.  However, it will follow the same format with the same outcome, only produced by hand. We've gone low-tech!

F1 English: Futuristic Writing

Imagining the future requires an awareness of what is already happening.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Alan Kay



Empowering technology. [Photography]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.

Connect / Wonder

The inquiry will begin by considering how different sci-fi technologies are shaping our future.


In order to create your own future world you need to do some background reading. 

  1. Choose which of the three areas you would like to focus on - Going places, The stuff of life, or The robots are coming.
  2. Click on the tab for that topic above;
  3. Browse the list of articles and find some you would like to read;
  4. Read those articles and make notes on them using the Investigative Journal pages in your workbook.


This is the planning stage in your inquiry, where you will:

  • use the literary techniques you have been studying
  • and the ideas from future technologies you have read about 
  • to build a world which will be the setting for the opening of your story. 

Express - First Draft and Re-drafting

In the resources box on the right, you will see a document called Academic Writing Template.

  • Click on this and open it (don't save it, yet).
  • Double-click in the header and add your name, date and class.
  • In the footer you will add the name of your story, but as you probably haven't decided on a title yet, leave it as it is for now.

You now need to save your document as YourInitials Dystopian Opening DRAFT 1.

Instructions for saving to OneDrive are given below.

If you are joining us from home for this lesson...

  • If you are a computer with Office 365 installed, the instructions below for saving to OneDrive will work.
  • If your computer does not have Office 365 installed, just save your document locally on your hard drive as you normally would.

For the Redrafting, you will need to email a copy of your story to the person commenting on your opening.

The person commenting on the opening should then:

  • highlight and underline that copy on screen (following the instructions in the workbook)
  • Save the new copy (with YourIntials comments on the end of the filename)
  • Download a copy of the Redrafting page (from the box on the right) and type their comments into that. Save it.
  • Email both the highlighted copy of their partner's story and the Redrafting page back to them.

Saving to OneDrive from within Office 365

Express - Second Draft - Reflect

Now that you have made your opening even better than it was before, you need to make sure it looks worthy of publication.

  • Is your name, class and the correct date for the second draft on the work?
  • Have you added the title of the story to the footer?
  • Have you made sure you have saved the latest version in the right place?

If the answer to all of the above questions is 'Yes!', it is time to upload it to Teams - see below.

Uploading an assignment to Microsoft Teams

Remote Learning

If you are at home during this inquiry, you may need to print off a few documents ahead of your English lessons.

If you are probably only missing one or two lessons, you can print off the sheet(s) for those and your teacher will give you a workbook to stick them into when you return.

If you know that you are going to be away from school for most of the next three weeks, it might be worth printing off the whole workbook so that you can keep everything together.

Academic Writing Template

Futuristic Writing - full workbook

Individual worksheets

FOSIL cycle

This inquiry is based around FOSIL - the Framework Of Skills For Inquiry Learning which will allow you to use the information you read to build new knowledge which you can then build upon as you write the opening to your dystopian story.

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