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F3 Individual Project: Pupil Material

What is the Individual Project?

The Individual Project is a guided inquiry into a topic of your choice resulting in fully completed investigative journals and a formally presented essay of about 1500 words which includes:

  • an introduction stating what you have chosen to investigate and why;
  • a body outlining your investigation;
  • a conclusion answering the question you set at the start of the essay;
  • a bibliography including a reputable website, a subscription database and a book.


In other words, it is the chance for you to decide on, explore and write about whatever interests you, as long as you can do so within the guidelines of the project.

Inspiration. [Fine Art]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.

Stage 1: Connect - Deciding on a topic

What do I have to do?

Your first task is to decide what topic you are going to read and write about.  The good news is that you have a free choice over your topic BUT you need to be able to:

  • say something informative about it;
  • discuss something interesting about it that is open to interpretation;
  • reach a reasoned conclusion.

In other words, you need to be able to ask a question about your topic that could be answered differently by someone else.  It must require you to give a considered opinion.

So, what are you interested in?

Whether you have some ideas already or not, have a look at the mind-map below, answer the questions it is asking you honestly, and then hopefully you'll be heading in the right direction.

Once you have decided on your topic area - not a question at this stage - complete the Stage 1: Connect document on the right and hand it in to your tutor.

What next?

Now it is time to start reading about your topic in general to get some background information, and to make a note of the questions that spring to mind as you are reading - as these are the things you might want to look into in more detail.

Stage 2: Wonder - Focusing your investigation

When you have done some background reading, and before your next tutorial on the Individual Project after Exeat, complete the Stage 2: Wonder document on the right.  This will give you the chance to think about what questions might be interesting concerning your topic.   

Your next tutorial will look at how you go from having a list of questions, to coming up with a question you want to investigate further and ultimately try to answer once you have a done some more reading.

Inquiry Journal documents

Other documents will be added here as the project progresses.



Project Launch in Assembly

Tutorial to think about and discuss a topic. Ideally complete Stage 1: Connect document and hand in to tutor too.

28.01.21 to 23.02.21
Background reading around your topic, ideally completing Stage 2: Wonder document before you meet your tutor after Exeat.
Tutorial to help you decide on a more focused research question based on what you have read so far which you can then start to investigate. 
25.02.21 to Writing Day

Focused reading and recording what you are reading using the Stage 3: Investigate document. Thinking about what you are reading and how it is going to help you write your essay.


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