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F3 MYP Interdisciplinary Units: Battlefields - Design and Technology

Resources to support IDUs in F3

Design tasks

Design Deliverables:

Your task for the day is to work in pairs to:

  • Create a range of ideas that would help solve some of the challenges faced by soldiers on the battlefield
  • Annotate ideas to include function, aesthetics, materials, manufacture, environment, safety, etc. Use different colours for annotations, one colour (blue suggested) for elements related to helping the user; another colour (green suggested) for elements related to historical context and how your design improves on this.
  • Collate your final ideas and annotations on a A2 presentation board (include a title and your names)

Resources for 17th June 2022

Watch this video from the Imperial War Museum and make notes that will help you make informed design decisions:

A new scale of injuries

In case you want any extra information about the task:

What does an industrial designer do? - CareerExplorer

You might also find the History resources in the box below useful too.

F3 History - WWI & Medicine

Print resources from the library collection:

Subscription databases articles

(If you are not on the school network, you will need to log in from the subscription databases page and then come back here to gain access)

Articles from Britannica Intermediate:

Royal Army Medical Corps -- Britannica School ( - this article covers several medical advances that helped save lives during WWI.

Other online resources:

Medical developments in World War One - The British Library ( - part of the British Library's digitised collection of WWI materials.  Lots more to discover on this site too.



Assessment Criteria


Criterion B: Synthesizing

i.Create a product that communicates purposeful interdisciplinary understanding
ii.Justify how their product communicates interdisciplinary understanding

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