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F2 Community Day: January 2022

A guide to accompany the Community Days for F2 pupils

What is this Community Day all about?

In October 2021 we looked at the reasons why people leave their homes to seek a better, safer life elsewhere, and the difficult and often dangerous journeys they make.  Today, we will be thinking about what we can do to make a positive difference to the lives of others, both around the world and in our own communities.  


As part of today's activities, we have the pleasure of welcoming author A M Dassu to speak about her novel Boy, Everywhere and her reasons for writing this important story.


Investigating ways to make a difference - p3 and 4

Using these web resources and the investigative journal you have been given, make notes on:

  • who these organisations help
  • what they do
  • what 'needs' they are trying to fulfil 
  • any ideas you have of ways to help


Refugee Strong - - founded by Omar Mohamed, co-author of When stars are scattered which tells his story 

O's Refugee Aid Team - - founded by Onjali K Rauf, author of The boy at the back of the class

Red Cross – 

Ben & Jerry's -

UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency -

Refugee Action -  - especially the 'What we do' section at top and 'How you can help refugees' at the bottom 

Coop Foundation -  and

Care4Calais -

Leicester, City of Sanctuary -


Remember to complete a different page in your Investigative journal for each organisation.


If you manage to research four organisations quickly, and you have earphones, you might also like to listen to this interview with A M Dassu:

In the Reading Corner: A M Dassu - a Syrian story on Apple Podcasts 

If you want to know more about immigration into different parts of the UK, have a look at this article from BBC News:

How has immigration changed in your area?

If you are unsure about the benefits of immigration to the UK, these slides should help:

Planning for action - p5 and 6

There are two aims for this session:

  1. Planning some form of small group community action that you think would help migrants arriving in our local area, or the UK more widely, and which you think you can achieve next term.  
  2. Deciding what you, as an individual, will do from now on to make the communities you belong to more caring and welcoming.

Resources if you are joining us online

Period 1

This is the Word Cloud document that we will be using in p1.

Period 2

Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite pupils who are learning remotely to the author visit but we will try to record the session and send a link afterwards.  Please spend this time enjoying a good book.

Periods 3 and 4

This is the Investigative Journal we will be using during p3 and 4.  You should try to visit 4 of the websites to the left and make notes on the information you find (the red column) and what ideas you have based on what you have read (the blue column).

Periods 5 and 6

Below are the 'What can we do?' and Action Plan sheets that will be done in groupwork during the afternoon session.  There is also a copy of the card to be filled in individually at the end of the day to say what you will do to make the communities you belong to more welcoming and caring.

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