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F1 Community Day: Home

Resources for use on the F1 MYP Community Day

What is Community Day 2020 all about?

"The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared safeguarding of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world"

Community Day 2020 is a consideration of ways in which we can change life in our communities for the better following the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Resources to use during the Investigate stage (Session 2)

Part 1

These links are to stories about life in lockdown.  You should read and watch some of the stories, make notes using your Investigative Journal, and think about how the experiences of these children are similar to, or different from, your own. Consider also what it is about their lives that they value most during lockdown.

UNICEF lockdown diaries 

Storychest: children's stories about lockdown 

You could divide the stories up between the group so that you are all getting different perspectives, and then share ideas with each other afterwards.

Part 2

So, what can we do to improve lives in our communities? 

These links are to articles about what people have done to help their communities, changes that have happened because of the pandemic, or some that might still need some work. Have a look at these articles and make notes on the second investigative journal so you can begin to think about which ideas you could suggest for your community. Again, try to make sure that within your group you have looked at all the resources.

The Day


UN Sustainable Development Goals 

UNICEF Voices of Youth 

Those most relevant to this inquiry are:

  • Teenage activism and the superpower of words
  • Reimagining the future of healthcare
  • A vision for my generation 


IB Learner Profile

COVID19 youth actions poster

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