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Guide to the Smallbone Library and its services: Borrowing, renewing and returning items

Borrowing items

You don't need a Library card to borrow items from the Library. Just bring your items to the Issue Desk downstairs and tell us your student number or staff initials.

Most books and talking books are issued for 2 weeks, while DVDs are issued for 1 week. If you have not finished with them by the end of this period, you can renew them, as long as no-one else has reserved them.

Borrowing limits
Lower and Middle School: Up to 6 books and 3 DVDs
Upper School: Up to 12 books and 3 DVDs
Staff: Up to 15 books and 5 DVDs

You will receive an email reminder 2 days before your items are due, followed by a series of overdue reminders if you do not return your items. Please read these carefully and either renew or return your items promptly.

If you have lost or damaged an item, please either talk to a member of staff at the Issue Desk or contact Miss O'Hanlon by email. While the cost of items that need to be replaced may be added to your school bill, we do understand that accidents happen and you will not receive a sanction.

How to renew your items

If you have not finished your book, talking book or DVD by the due date you can renew it, as long as no-one else has reserved it. You can do this in three ways:

  • Ask at the issue desk in the Library;
  • Email us at;
  • Renew it online yourself. The video below shows you how. You can only do this if it is not already overdue.

If you have renewed the item several times (or had it out over a holiday) and had the item for six weeks (or three weeks for a DVD) then you will need to bring it to the issue desk to be renewed.

You may need to log in using your school email address and password to view the video below. If you have problems with the embedded video here is the direct link to the video in Stream. Mac users using Safari should check the notice to the right.

How to return an item

All items should be returned to the issue desk. They can either be handed to a member of library staff or placed in the "Returned books" basket. Items should never be returned directly to the shelf or to the wooden trolley of recently returned items behind the issue desk because they need to be scanned through our computer system to be removed from your account.


Notice for Mac users

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Normal term-time Library opening hours:
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