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IB English A: Literature: Reflecting


Reflecting is a vital part of the inquiry process and, while it is important to set aside time to reflect at the end of an inquiry, reflection should take place throughout. Three formal reflection sessions are a requirement for the Extended Essay and it is also expected that students should continuously reflect on their progress throughout the process in a Researcher's Reflection Space. While this is not a formal requirement, students who make a habit of recording and reflecting on the process as they work are likely to get more out of the process and produce more engaging and thoughtful essays.

Criterion E (Engagement) is worth 18% of your final mark and will be largely assessed through your reflections on the Reflections in Planning and Progress form, so it is vital to practise this skill.

This page on reflection is under construction and more information will follow shortly.

Developing and using a Researcher's Reflection Space

More information about the RRS will follow shortly

Reflections on planning and progress (EE)

More information on the Reflections on Planning and Progress Form will follow shortly.

Researchers Reflection Space (RRS)

A Researcher's Reflection Space is simply a place where you keep a 'running commentary' of how your inquiry is going. In it for example, you might keep notes of how your question is evolving, interesting resources you have found and any notes you have made on them, your list of keywords, any questions you have for your supervisor or a member of Library staff, your inquiry timeline and how you are feeling about your inquiry at the moment. There is a dedicated space for this in ManageBac, but it is not compulsory to use that. You might prefer a physical notebook or folder or perhaps a OneNote document or Word document. It is helpful if you can share your RRS with your supervisor to help them to keep track of your progress. You will find more information about this in the Reflecting tab of this Subject LibGuide.

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