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IB English A: Literature: Seminars and workshops

You will find information on this page about all the EE seminars and workshops. It will be updated after each event.

EE Seminar 1: 27th November 2019 presentation


This is the presentation from EE seminar 1. Your next tasks are:

EE Seminar 2: 7th January 2020

This is the presentation from EE Seminar 2. Your next tasks are:

  • Complete your Research Proposal Form and upload it to ManageBac by January 12th 2020
  • Meet with your supervisor by 18th January 2020
  • Complete your First Reflection on ManageBac by 18th Januery 2020
  • Attend IT workshop 1 on 15th January 2020

IT workshop 1: 15th January 2020

During this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use the Investigative Journal effectively
  • Create citations and bibliographies in Word
  • Use a Keyword Record to track your search strategies

After the workshop, you can find blank copies of the Investigative Journal and the Keyword Record on the Finding and Selecting Sources tab of your subject LibGuide. Help with creating citations and bibliographies can be found on the Expressing your ideas tab of your subject LibGuide, including IT helpsheets for both PCs and Mac users.

EE Investigation days: 26th - 28th February 2020

Information about the EE Investigation Days can be found here.

EE Seminar 3 and IT Workshop 2: 18th May 2020

Due to lockdown measures, EE Seminar 3 and IT workshop 2 will be delivered remotely using a series of carefully prepared videos on a new tab in the General EE Guide guide called Seminar 3 and IT Workshops. You are expected to watch the videos and complete the quiz on Monday morning, even if you are not ready to start writing your essay (for example, if your essay involves practical work and you have not yet finished collecting your data).

There will be optional drop-in support sessions in the IB Extended Essay Support Team with Mr Foster and Mrs Toerien at these times:

Monday 18th May

  • Period 3 (11.05-11.45, Mrs Toerien)
  • Period 6 (14.25-15.05, Mr Foster)

Tuesday 19th May

  • Period 3 (11.05-11.45, Mrs Toerien)
  • Period 6 (14.25-15.05, Mrs Toerien)

If you need support outside these times, please contact :

  • Mr Foster or Mrs Toerien for support with technincal aspects of the essay such as setting up your document or citing and referencing
  • Mrs Toerien or your supervisor for support with locating resources
  • Your supervisor for subject specific support. It would be advisable to meet with your supervisor at some point during the two days, whether you need support or not, to make sure you are on the right track.

If your supervisor is on leave from school then please contact their Head of Department for subject specific support (if you are unsure who that is, you can find out from the school website, here). Mr Russell and Mrs Lorenz-Weir are on leave, so please do not contact them.

Normal term-time Library opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 08:30-21:15
Sat: 08:00-16:00
Sun: 14:00-18:00

If you have any comments, corrections or additions for this guide, or if you are having trouble accessing any of the materials, please contact Mrs Toerien. Please include the URL of the LibGuide you are referring to in your email.