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Income and Wealth (Economics A-Level): Regional inequality

Overall discussion question: To what extent should the government prioritize a fairer distribution of income and wealth?

Recommended Reading: You must read and make notes on these articles


Life in the home counties brings 16 more years of good health... (Guardian, 2019)

This article discusses the claim that "the gap in healthy life expectancy between parts of Britain has widened over the past decade to become as large as that between the UK and Sudan."

The Guardian is a left-centre source rated high for factual reporting by

UK’s regional inequality one of worst in developed world (Financial Times, 2019)

You may need to log in to the Financial Times site to access this article (see box to the right for details).

A clear and accessible discussion of the IPPR State of the North report (See Further Reading, below).

The Financial Times is rated 'least biased' and high for factual reporting by


Further Reading: You might choose to explore some of these articles

Five essential steps to addressing deep regional economic inequalities (Times, 2020)

Access via InfoTrac - see box on right for log-in details if required.

This article looks at how the government might deliver on its promises to address regional inequality following the Decemebr 2019 general election. Because it is accessed via Infotrac this article is text only - images have been removed.

The Times is a right-centre source rated high for factual reporting by .


Divided and connected: Regional inequalities in the North, the UK and the developed world – State of the North 2019 (Institute for Public Policy Research North, 2019)

A substantial research report - but the summary (p.3) is very informative as, if you are feeling bold, the introduction (p.4-7).

The Institute for Public Policy Research is a left wing think tank.

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as well as a range of local papers. This can be useful for finding newspaper articles which are otherwise hidden behind pay walls.

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Access to the Financial Times

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Notemaking and summarising resources

Use this journal to make notes as you read each article. One page per source.

  • First note key ideas and quotes in the left hand column
  • Then reread these and explain how they relate to the inquiry question in the right hand column.
  • Don't forget to comment on the quality of the source.

You should make notes like this on both the Recommended Reading articles for each section. (If you choose to make notes by hand rather than on screen, use a shortened URL in the source description e.g. rather than the full URL of the article).

Once you have completed your reading for each area you can start to transfer your ideas to this summary sheet, which you will use as your notes for the Spiderweb discussion. Don't forget to explain the key Economic ideas for each area in the "basic explanation" box on the left hand side of the sheet, and highlight any key vocabulary so that you can make sure you use it in the discussion.

This sheet should be printed double sided on A3.

You may wish to use this sheet to collect a list of technical terms as you progress through this topic. You might find it helpful to have this list to refer to during the discussion.

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